Foodies FAQs

FAQs and Answers About Digital Recipe Cards


What is Gourmet NFT?

GourmetNFT is a way for you to support Chefs & Culinary Creators. Compile and curate your own digital / fractional cookbook, and cook along with the pros, knowing you’re supporting these hard-working folks.

If you’re a Chef creator, you can earn residual royalties from your recipes every time they sell or change hands on the blockchain. Visit our sign-up site at

Why is it different from other membership recipes sites?

Firstly, there are no monthly fees. Of ANY kind. Not for foodies. Not for Chefs. You choose which recipes you want to collect/download and pay “a la carte” as you go.

Secondly, many other sites don’t protect their recipe links. Our technology does just that. Once you are logged in to your wallet, you can access your recipe collection /digital cookbook until you decide to sell them on the blockchain, when the Chef will receive a residual royalty.

What payment methods can I use?

Our system is linked to PayPal so you can choose to pay with your PayPal funds, a major credit card or method in your PayPal account. It’s your choice and you can change your payment method each time you download a recipe. Alternatively, if you have a Coinbase account, you can also use balances from your Crypto coins at checkout.

Is it only recipes I can buy?

Absolutely not – some of our creators are developing Chef experiences and NFTs that come with a product shipped to you or as a gift to a friend. We will also have auctions of extremely rare recipes and experiences that are not available anywhere else in the world. Be sure to join our newsletter list for advance VIP notice.

Do Chefs set their own pricing?

You bet! Our creators are in control. It’s entirely up to the Chef to place their own value on their offerings – though most recipes are in the $3 – $15 range, there are some that are less, and a few that represent the most exclusive “unobtanium” items and experiences in the world.

Are all the recipes American type foods?

Indeed not. Currently we have Chefs / Contributors from 70+ countries and growing. From North, Central & South America, Europe, India, Asia, Africa, The Middle East and Australia/New Zealand. Search and discover. What will you make tonight?

Who actually OWNS the recipes?

The copyright of the IP (intellectual property), using Gourmet NFT gives the collector a license to use the ingredients, method etc. Not unlike a piece of art or a photograph, the artist/photographer always retains the ownership of the design/idea, the museum or collector owns the right to hang it on their wall.

What is WAX and why do I need it?

Your Wax wallet is your access key to all our content. It allows you to store / curate your digital cookbook all stored securely in your Wax account. Setting it up is a 2-click simple process and you’ll never lose a recipe again. Think of it as a lock box for your collectibles.

Are NFTs the same as Crypto Currency?

Not at all. NFTs are digital collectibles. Think of them as baseball cards or comics that live in your phone or iPad or computer. Many NFT marketplaces run on Crypto only, but Gourmet NFT runs on Shopify, WordPress, Paypal, Coinbase and Wax Blockchain and you can pay with good, old-fashioned credit cards!

Isn’t Blockhain technology bad for the environment?

Some are. However that’s why we chose to run on Wax. The Worldwide Asset eXchange is certified carbon neutral. Not only has WAX solved the environmental issues presented by NFTs minted on Ethereum, but also has an environmental mindset and is taking action to erase their carbon footprint. Working as a Proof of Stake system, creating carbon offset NFTs, and partnering with Climate Care, WAX has made huge strides in building a sustainable future.

I know some Chefs. Do you have an affiliate program?

Absolutely. If you’d like to help your favourite Chefs earn mailbox money, head over to and get in touch. We’ll sign you up and send you a personalized Ambassador Kit, QR Code, unique link and marketing materials. Let’s spread the word!

Got a different question? We are here to help.  Contact us today!