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FAQs and Answers About Digital Recipe Cards

Chefs’ Overview

So, you want to jump into NFT world, but don’t know where to begin.  Don’t worry – we’ve done all the technical mise en place so you can just sign up and tell us where to send the talent/payment contract, once you’re all set with paperwork, we’ll send you a private link to upload your recipes /images/videos, and we will do all the back office, compliance, KYC and AML (so you don’t accidentally sell your recipes to sanctioned countries), and within a week of your upload, we’ll get them produced, tagged, searchable and in our store that takes both credit cards, Paypal AND crypto. And, if you add 3 recipes or more, we’ll even send you a QR code to your dedicated page on this site so you can print it on menus, signs and post it to your socials.

Will my fans and followers have to have a crypto wallet to buy my digital recipe cards?

Customer will be able to pay with credit cards OR crypto via PayPal and Coinbase, and during the checkout process they will be prompted to create a Wax Wallet account in 2 easy clicks to be able to store their recipes securely. They can even create an account using their Facebook login. Other recipe platforms don’t always protect your recipes from being shared or copied. Our technology does. Only verified owners can use your recipes. They cannot share links or PDFs to friends who are not your customers.

How do I format my files and how do I get them to you?

Once you join and sign the agency agreement (so we can know who and where to you pay out,) you’ll receive a very simple step-by-step guide and link to upload your images / video / ingredients and method.

Can I send just pictures or can I shoot smartphone videos like the ones I see on Instagram?

We’d love to have your videos! Just make sure they are complete (as they would be for a TikTok or social post), as we do not offer free editing services at this time.

Can I use music from my favorite artists in my recipe videos?

Unless you have a specific written agreement in the form of a synchronization license from the artist, label and publisher, sorry, no.

Can I offer physical goods / gift with purchase with my NFTs?

Yes, if you are wishing to AUCTION your recipes to high-priced winners, we can add the details of the “dinner with the Chef’“ or whatever you will be giving / sending the winner. Once you have joined, just contact us for details!

Is there a file size limit for a video?

Technically no. But we wouldn’t recommend that a video be more than 5 minutes long.

How much will I get to charge for my NFTs and how many will be minted?

You are in control. You decide. Once you are all signed up and have the secure recipe upload link, you will get to choose from the number/rarity or an unlimited amount to make available. There are 3 pricing tiers, so you will also be able to designate which recipe sells for how much.

Will I have to pay tax on my income?

You are responsible for all your income and you will receive an end-of-year statement from our accounting department so you can include it in your income statement to your tax professional. Make sure when you join and sign the agency agreement that the entity is the correct payee (you personally or your company).

Where do I locate my Chef Page & QR Code?

Go to our “Chefs’ Roster” page and find your link – it will be formatted thus: You will see your image and a small QR code. Right click (option click) to open it in a new tab. Right click again and “save image as” whatever you wish to name it and save it to your hard drive. Post it on your website, socials, menus, print stickers to place on your to go / delivered food, add it to your email signature, print it on T-Shirts – the sky’s the limit.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of recipes I need to upload?

The minimum is 1. There is no maximum HOWEVER if you upload 3 or more, we will create a dedicated “Chef’s Page” with a permanent URL link as well as a free QR code for you so you can share it with your followers and they can get straight to your recipes page.

If I do sign up with GourmetNFT can I still continue to create my own ?

Of course, we just ask that the recipes we produce into NFTs for you (at our cost) not be shared / sold anywhere else. We want to keep this collection exclusive and rare to our platform.

What can I do to market my recipes?

Once your page is created and your recipes minted, we’ll send you some social media posts, images, hashtags and – if you upload 3 recipes or more – your very own QRcode to post, print on menus, stickers, receipts, pizza boxes and more. We’ll keep you updated from time-to-time with marketing materials so your followers can collect your recipes and get you paid like the Rock Star you are! Once you are member, we will keep you updated via email.

How will I get paid out – in Crypto or regular (FIAT) currency ?

Once we receive the monies from the e-commerce system we will pay you out in regular currency (not Crypto) via PayPal. You will still be responsible for reporting your own taxable income.

Once I upload my recipes, who “owns” them?

YOU (the creator) still own the recipes. Your buyers own a COPY and the right to use the instructions to cook from them. We have no claim on any copyrights or recipe creations. They remain with you.

I am a Resident of Russia -How Will I get Paid?

Currently our payout method is PayPal so we will have to wait until we are authorized by PayPal to send payments to The Russian Federation.


You Decide…

  • One Pot / Sheet Pan / Slow Cooker / Easy Recipes $2.99 – $4.99 range per download
  • Plated protein with a sauce or side / BBQ with technique / Secret / Off menu (a little higher end) $12.99 – $14.99 per download
  • ”Michelin” type dinner plate with technique – protein, sauce, sides, plating hints, or complicated sugar work / pastry creations $29.99 – $49.99 per download
  • Name your own price. This can include auctions, experiences, the sky’s the limit!

Got a different question? We are here to help.  Contact us today!