Chris Sherrill's Gulf Seafood Rockefeller Potato Cannelloni

This dish showcases both coasts of Florida! First, fresh stone crab and bay shrimp folded into a sautéed spinach, ricotta, and boursin cheese filling. The pasta is made with a special ingredient of potato pulp and Semolina Flour and topped with a sautéed piece of Hog Snapper followed by white truffle oil drizzled crispy potato "fries" and to finish it all off, an Okra Dust Crusted Oyster. The sauce will be a fire roasted fennel cream

Mealtime: Appetizer
Diet: Pescatarian
Contains: Dairy / Lactose, Gluten, Shellfish, Wheat

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By Chris Sherrill

Chris was born and raised into a world of great cooks. His grandfather was an amazing wild game cook. His other grandfather has amazing South Mississippi and Cajun roots. I knew my Junior year of High School that I wanted to be a chef. I entered the 1995 National High School Recipe contest with a wild game recipe. I hunted my own quail so that I would have a supply of those delicious little birds that eventually earned me a scholarship to Johnson & Wales University. Culinary School was a blast. I walked a fine line of typical freshmen antics. I learned a tremendous amount about myself and knew that I would devote my life to "The Biz" and be damn good at it. Being a chef has been a whirlwind of emotions. Showing off what Alabama has to offer is important to me.