Cynthia Lennon's Beefy Pasta Sauce

Mealtime: Dinner
Diet: Meat Lovers

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By Cynthia Lennon

This handwritten recipe, faxed personally from Cynthia to Angie and Ruth McCartney, was part of a charity cookbook project back in 1995 this recipe was donated by Cynthia. Sadly it was never published. Given the current starvation situation around the world, especially with children, Gourmet NFT has resurrected this project and now 100% of the new proceeds to the publisher "Artists Feeding Children" will be donated to Chef José Andres' "World Central Kitchen" to aid in their amazing good works in Ukraine as well as around the world. We'd like to sincerely thank this artist for their culinary contribution. By downloading this recipe, you are helping too and it's much appreciated.