Francois de Melogue Turmeric Ginger scented Mussels

I love steaming hot bowls of mussels. Mainly because most of my favorite mussel recipes are a comforting cross between a soup and a hearty hot meal. I started out desperately wanting to make Mouclade, a curried mussel dish that originated in the French port city of La Rochelle but ended up with a more Asian feeling bowl of turmeric ginger mussels. In some ways, curry and mussels sound weird together, but the flavor combination is off the hook, especially when backed by coconut milk and hot chili peppers.

Mealtime: Lunch
Diet: Pescatarian
Contains: Shellfish

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By Francois de Melogue

"François’s earliest attempts at cookery began with the filleting of his sister’s goldfish at age two and a braised rabbit dish made with his pet rabbits by age seven. He eventually stopped cooking his pets and went to the highly esteemed New England Culinary Institute where he graduated top of his class in 1985. François resides in Saint Albans, Vermont with his wife Lisa and eleven-year-old son Beaumont, who has proclaimed himself the family baker. He has written two cookbooks, the latest ‘French Cooking For Beginners‘ translates classical French cuisine for beginners. In addition to Pistou and Pastis, he writes for Simple French Cooking and Medium. His travel and food photography can be seen on his Instagram feed."