Lori McLain's Cilantro Garden Celery Salad W/ Pumpkin Seed Baked Chicken

A light Celery salad with carrots, green onions and zuchinni for color in a light oil, vinegar and cilantro dressing. served with Baked chicken tenders with yogurt and chopped pumpkin seed crumb. optional for serving with Baked Nutty Celery-Parmesan Nuggets.

Mealtime: Dinner
Diet: Meat Lovers
Contains: Dairy / Lactose

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By Lori McLain

2021 WORLD SOUP CHAMPION The World Food Championships I have competed in the Soup category (and won), Sandwich category, the Recipe category, the Chili category...and this year I am happy to return to compete again in the Soup category! I am so happy that WFC will be held again in Dallas this year....and look forward to a giant reunion with the best buddies and FoodSport folks anywhere!