Lori Rukstales' Mother and Child Reunion

A delicious twist on a Southern favorite, a chicken and waffle sandwich and a fried Happy Egg, served with a side of drunken raspberry sauce for dipping.

Mealtime: Sandwich
Diet: Poultry
Contains: Dairy / Lactose, Gluten, Peanuts, Wheat

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By Lori Rukstales

2015 WORLD SANDWICH CHAMPION The World Food Championships I enjoy eating well, and that is why I also like cooking. One of my favorite things to eat/cook is Christmas cookies, and that's kind of where I "started" focusing on technique. Ideally, a Christmas cookie should be a work of art that is also exquisite to the taste buds, and small enough so that you can have many more. Since cooking is a passion for me, and I also enjoy excelling at what I do, I naturally gravitated to cooking contests.