Lynn Beamer's Rustic Gulf Shrimp Tartine with Fresh Celery Medley

This open faced sandwich is the ultimate small plate. A fresh and bright lightly pickled crunchy celery vegetable medley cover sweet, lemony fresh Gulf Coast shrimp all atop a grilled slice of whole grain rye bread spread with a creamy garlic sauce. Tart, sweet, crisp,with just a touch of heat, this tartine is a delight for the senses.

Mealtime: high tea
Diet: Meat Lovers
Contains: Gluten, Shellfish, Wheat

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By Lynn Beamer

As a home cook,WFC was my first foray into the competitive cooking arena. My husband and I retired a couple of years ago to a little piece of heaven on an agricultural island southwest of Charleston, SC. I have learned to throw a cast net and improve my fishing and foraging skills so that I can have fresh flounder, trout, redfish, oysters, shrimp, blue crab, pecans, figs, citrus and even mushrooms all from my own back yard. I have come to appreciate the use of local ingredients and enjoy the benefits of having a major family-owned organic farmer as my neighbor who sells his produce to some of the finest restaurants in the area.