Teresa Cardin Crab and Cod Shepherds Pie Stuffed Potatoes

A seafood-based variation on shepherd's pie in the form of a stuffed potato crossed with a loaded baked potato, featuring flavors and textures of cod, crab meat, aged cheddar cheese, and smoked bacon.

Mealtime: Appetizer
Diet: Meat Lovers
Contains: Dairy / Lactose, Gluten, Shellfish, Wheat

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By Teresa Cardin

My culinary background is rooted in my upbringing in a family of traditional home cooks in the Missouri Ozarks. I learned traditional Midwestern and Southern American cooking from my mother, grandmothers, and aunts, and my interests and talents in this area have brought me many successes in recipe contests and cooking competitions. I have previously competed six times at the World Food Championships and have finished twice in the Top 10 for my category. In 2018 I was the Grand Champion in the Grand Tasting competition at WFC's Texas Super Chef Throwdown Series in Port Aransas.